Cracked Interior Paint – How To Resolve The Issue

Posted on: 23 February 2018

If you have cracks in your interior paint, you're probably trying to figure out why it happened and what you can do to fix the issue. Here, you will learn both.

What caused the problems with the cracked paint?

There are three things that typically cause paint to crack when it's applied, including:

Rushing the Painting Process

The paint and primer must be allowed to fully dry between coats. Latex paint typically has a dry time of 2-4 hours, but it can take longer if the humidity levels are high. Oil-based paint typically needs about 24 hours to dry fully. If you rush the painting process and don't allow the previous coats to dry prior to layering on another coat, you will likely see cracks forming as the paint dries at different speeds.

Improper Priming

Primer is applied to the wall to help the fresh paint stick to the surface. It also helps to remove the moisture that is in the walls and prevent issues. If you did use primer, it can cause the problem if it wasn't good quality or if it wasn't mixed well prior to putting it on the walls.

Wrong Paint Type

You will have to choose between latex and oil paints for your project. If you paint oil based paint over top of latex, primer must first be applied. If you try to paint latex over oil without the primer, it will crack.

Tip: To test the paint on the wall, get a cotton ball and a bit of fingernail polish remover. Put the nail polish remover on the cotton ball and wipe it over the surface. If the paint has transferred onto the cotton ball, the paint is latex.

How do you fix the cracks in the paint?

You will need sandpaper, a putty knife and a wire brush. Use these tools to remove the damaged paint, but don't use too much pressure or you could cause damage to the actual wall that will need to be repaired.

Once you've removed the cracked paint, as much as will come off, continue sanding. If you can't get the finish smoothed out, you will need to skim the surface with a bit of joint compound. After the compound is applied, let it dry completely. Return with some sandpaper and smooth the surface. Apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry. Now, it's time to finish up with the paint.

When it's all said and done, you will not be able to tell that those cracks ever showed up in the first place. Talk with the professionals at your local paint supply store to learn more about getting the perfect finish for your next paint job. For more information, contact companies like Klenosky Paint.