Removing Wet And Dry Paint From Flooring After A Paint-Job

Posted on: 26 February 2018

Having a fresh coat of paint applied to the interior of your commercial building can go a long way in making things look great. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully the paint is applied and handled, the paint always manages to find a way onto the flooring. If you're planning an interior painting project or have recently completed one, you've probably found a spot of paint here and there that needs to be removed from the flooring. Here, you'll learn how to do just that.

Removing Paint from Hard Flooring

Fresh Paint Clean-Up

If you've been lucky enough to find the paint before it dries, you'll have an easier time cleaning it up. Simply use paper towels to blot up as much of the paint as possible. Do your best to keep the spot from spreading as you clean it up. Soak the paper towels or a sponge in very warm water mixed with a bit of liquid dish soap and clean the remaining residue off of the flooring.

Dry Paint Clean-Up

Once the paint has dried, you'll need something a little stronger than water and dish soap. Get a bottle of denatured alcohol, paper towels, and some plastic wrap. Cover the paint with a few drops of the denatured alcohol, cover it with a bit of the plastic wrap and tape the plastic wrap in place. Allow the alcohol to sit for at least a half hour, remove the plastic wrap, and wipe up the alcohol-coated paint. If there is still paint, repeat the process, and then clean the floor.

Removing Paint from Carpeting

Fresh Paint Clean-Up

The second you see the paint on the carpet, grab some paper towels and a roll of duct tape. Cover the carpeting around the spot with duct tape to prevent the spot from spreading as you clean up the mess. Blot the spot repeatedly.

Fill a bucket with icy cold water and get a sponge. Soak the sponge with the very cold water, wring it out a bit, and begin blotting the spot with the sponge. Then blot with paper towels. Repeat the process until the spot is lifted.

Dry Paint Clean-Up

A little more work goes into removing dry paint from carpeting, but it can be done. Use a dry scrub brush to brush away as much of the surface paint as possible. Apply some acrylic paint remover to a toothbrush and begin working the spot out of the carpeting. Once the paint is gone, use a carpet cleaning product to remove the rest of the paint remover from the carpet to prevent it from discoloring the area with time.

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