Make Your Garage More Fun And Usable With Epoxy

Posted on: 20 April 2018

Many homeowners spend so much time in their garage that it becomes an extra room. If you are spending more and more time in your garage, you could probably stand to make some minor improvements. The floor is one thing that you can easily upgrade to make your garage space more usable, stylish, and easier to clean. Epoxy floors are perfect for garages because they can be easily applied on top of any concrete floor. This article explains why you will love having epoxy on your garage floor.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is basically a resin based polymer that lends itself well to flooring. It dries to be hard, but not quite as hard as real concrete. This can be very beneficial when it comes to walking around on the floor. It can be quite smooth, and this is why most epoxy flooring products have some sort of rubber or rock mixed into them. This gives the floor a slight texture, and makes it less slippery. It also gives epoxy floors and speckle finish that can definitely make it a little more attractive.

Epoxy comes premixed in a liquid gel form. It is basically like a thicker paint that you can pour directly on top of your existing concrete. This means that the application of an epoxy floor is relatively cost effective and easy for professionals. In fact, epoxy products or even sold over the counter, meaning that homeowners who want to attempt to do it on their own can save even more cash.

Why Epoxy Works Great

One of the best things about an epoxy floor is that it will seal your concrete, repair small cracks, and make it waterproof. Since the surface is smooth and sealed, it is also much easier to clean. Even big oil spills can be easily mopped up because the epoxy will not absorb it. Unlike concrete, epoxy will not absorb dirt for oil stains. It can also be easily sweeped, vacuumed, or mopped.

Many people not only love that epoxy is so practical and easy to care for, they love the fact that it adds some color and style to their garage space. It is definitely a great choice for people who spend a lot of time in their garage, and want something that looks better, feels more comfortable to walk on, and is easier to clean. You'll definitely be more proud of your garage if you apply an epoxy floor.