Painting The Interior Of Your Home Little By Little – How To Make It Easier

Posted on: 22 May 2018

Giving the interior of your home a fresh paint job will refresh the appearance. Are you ready to take on the challenge of painting the interior of your home? Have you been putting it off because you simply don't have the time to spare? Here, you'll learn a few tips that can help you reduce the time that you spend cleaning up as you work to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint.

Cover Your Flooring

Purchase a roll of carpet cling film instead of setting out drop cloths. The carpet cling film will stick to the carpet and you won't have to worry about tripping over the drop cloth or the drop cloth shifting and allowing paint to reach the flooring.

You can leave the film down for weeks, so if you plan to work on the project little by little, you'll have protection for the flooring without the look of a construction zone.

Wrap the Paint Tray

You could spend a lot of time cleaning the paint tray each day, or you can get a roll of aluminum foil and cover the tray. As long as the foil is pressed firmly in place, you'll be able to use the tray as you normally would. The only difference will be the ability to remove the foil, throw it away and have a nice clean tray to work with when you find time to paint again.

Invest in a Paint Pour Lid

It doesn't seem like something that would make that much of a difference in how quickly you get your painting done, but it will make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes you to get going for the day and clean up when you're done.

The lid will snap on to the can. You open the pour spout, pour the amount of paint that you need and close the spout. Your paint will stay fresh and you won't have to splatter yourself with paint as you pound the lid back on.

Store Brushes and Rollers

You don't have to make a huge mess cleaning your brushes and rollers every day. Instead, wrap them with plastic wrap and store them in your refrigerator. As long as they are kept in the plastic wrap and kept cold, the paint will stay wet. When it's time to paint again, you just remove them from the fridge and remove the plastic wrap – you're good to go!

These tips will reduce the prep and clean-up time as you work to complete the paint job. If you're really short on time, you can contact your local painting service and let them do all of the work for you in no time.